High Moor Horse Show

Our points system is similar to that run by other local riding clubs.  The annual membership fee is £15.00, but you do get discounted class entry fees (£5.00 rather than £7.00 for non-members)  Our points system is designed to find the overall champion for each class over the season.Points will be awarded as follows:


1st= 6 points

2nd=5 points

3rd=4 points

4th=3 points

5th=2 points

6th=1 point

 Points gained for each horse/rider combination are recorded and totalled at the end of the season to find the overall winner of each class.

A rider/handler can enter as many horses as they like as each combination will have their own score.

Remember  points are given for each horse/rider combination

If you change your horse’s name during the season don’t forget to inform the secretary or again valuable points may be lost.


The overall class winners will receive a keepsake trophy at the presentation evening in December. Some classes have  perpetual trophies that have been donated and winners are encouraged to have these personally engraved We can provide an engraving service for a small fee or you can have it done elsewhere as you wish.

These trophies must be signed for with winners contact details and MUST be returned before the last show of the following season to pass on to the next winner.

If anyone would like to sponsor a class by donating a perpetual trophy these would be gratefully received.


We have Supreme overall points awards down to 3rd place-for each horse/rider combination across all disciplines-so the more classes you enter with the same horse the more chance you have of winning one of these!


These trophies will be perpetual ,must be signed for, and MUST be returned before the last show of the following season. Again you are welcome to have these engraved.


So have fun collecting your points and don’t forget that 1 point could make all the difference to the overall result! You might get a nice surprise at the end of the season.

Points System Rules